Creating an input-file

It sounds a bit boring of course and maybe it is, but I still want to tell you about the next step: putting the collected numbers from the annual reports into a text-file. This file will be read by the AnRep3D graph-generator and the result will be a 3D-graph presented in a web browser.

The structure of the input-file is quite simple. The first line is a parameter-line, which will be discussed in another post. After this line there will be a block for each company (in this case it will be ABN-AMRO, ING, Rabo and SNS-Reaal) and within every block there will be a line for every year of the company. Four companies and three years for each and every of them, makes twelve lines of data.

I picked the series of years 2005, 2010, 2015 on purpose. A lot happened in this period and actually ABN-AMRO and SNS (it lost the Reaal-part!) in 2015 were completely different from 2005: torn apart and rescued. Oh yes, ING had its difficulties and the Rabobank faced a lot of serious issues only after the crisis. All those changes will make the graph very interesting! Or at least that’s what I hope – I haven’t seen it yet.

A data-line has to start with the name of the company, because the label will derived from it. Then, after a comma of semicolon to separate the values, the year. Then four numbers will follow, without decimal points, commas (of course not – it’s a separator) of valuta-signs. Shrinking the very large numbers to obtain the best graph (a range between zero and one hundred provides the best graph) will be done by the parameters. Again, we will explain this later.
The four values are, in this order: Revenue, Profit, Assets, Equity.

From here I won’t bother you with all the typing – I just took the numbers from my collages of screenshots and put them in notepad. Here is the result (to the right – to the left there is still a piece of glued snippets of ABN-AMRO’s annual reports.


The part to the left is there on purpose! Try and find the numbers in the collage, marked with a red softbox in the file to the right. Does it match? Is the order really Revenue, Profit, Assets, Equity?

 Next time the parameter-line will be added and then the input-file is ready to be read by the generator!

About AnRep3D

AnRep3D is the new company, founded after the handover of Scientassist (together with VRBI) to one of my sons. From now I will focus on three-dimensional graphs for the financial markets, showing the main figures from annual reports in comparison. As per 2021 a second product is available: EnRep3D. It is meant to visualise energy. Although the engine is the same, the texts, manual, website and examples (including blogposts) are focused at energy.
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