Comparing different types of companies in a spatial graph

In previous AnRep3D posts (e.g. Oil & Gas companies in spatial graphs  and Looking at the 3D-graph), a couple of companies in the same branch of industry (oil & gas, banks) were compared in spatial graphs generated by AnRep3D. This time I thought it would be nice to compare a couple of companies from different industries because their “buildings” in the graph will have very different shapes.

Interesting industries to show in such a graph could be retail,  manufacturing, utilities, service providers selling “transport space” (e.g.  an airline or general logistics company) and a service provider selling “people’s hours” (like a temp agency or a consultancy firm).

It’s quite easy to think of a couple of companies, but putting a large one (with a revenue of e.g. over a 100 billion of  euros) next to a smaller one (with e.g. a revenue  of 1 million) wouldn’t be very informative. Therefore the size of the companies shown should be within the same range.

After some browsing I came up with two sets of companies: moderate ones on a global scale and the larger ones.

  • For the first set I chose Zalando, Tesla, Elecnor, Easyjet  and USG  – all with annual revenues between 2 and 5 billion.
  • The second set are Tesco, PSA, E.on, Maersk and IBM  – all with revenues between 50 and 100 billion. Although very different in size, the shape of the building would be more related to the type of industry they are in than their size.

At the moment I am still collecting some numbers for the larger ones, but I could get hold of revenue, profit, equity and total assets for 2015 already. I only have to convert Tesla and Easyjet from USD and GBP to EUR yet. This means the input-file will be created soon. The graph will be available immediately afterwards, because collecting the numbers is the time-consuming part. Of course it’s the other way round for our customers: the numbers are there, but creating a the kind of spatial graph AnRep3D offers would take a lot of time. And that’s why our generator is a useful instrument for analysts! Download the free 3D-graph generator package now and try it yourself.

About AnRep3D

AnRep3D is the new company, founded after the handover of Scientassist (together with VRBI) to one of my sons. From now I will focus on three-dimensional graphs for the financial markets, showing the main figures from annual reports in comparison. As per 2021 a second product is available: EnRep3D. It is meant to visualise energy. Although the engine is the same, the texts, manual, website and examples (including blogposts) are focused at energy.
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