Intermezzo – finally, a contest!

This post is outdated. The 3D-graph generator package can be downloaded free of charge. Even no registration is needed.

Last week I should have posted something about another IPO, but I didn’t. Somehow the pattern became too clear, although I will investigate the others on the list. Apart from this I was on holiday and to be honest, I spent my time thinking about AnRep3D’s business-model. It’s a simple model: we offer companies a licence for a one-off payment. For now that’s still the plan.

At the same time the idea was to have some kind of contest. The question was what the award would be: a free licence seemed a good option, but how many? And for what period would the contest run?

Boats sailingPhoto by skeeze on Pixabay

This post is outdated – the 3D-graph generator package is completely free now and can be downloaded as a zip-file, with manual and examples of input- and output-files (3D-graphs in html5-format).

Then I realised that only individuals will use the generator, as companies are just a group of individuals. The problem was that such a single person would be a “consumer” and we don’t sell to consumers.  After a while I understood that it is safe to offer such a consumer a generator in return for a creative idea (without paying with money that is). Probably not a real contest, as both the best and the worst will be rewarded equally. Yet it is a good way to challenge people (companies can hardly be challenged).

It means that we are asking people to submit a creative idea by email. Then we will send back an AnRep3D-generator with a special (individual) “contest” licence, which is safe as it’s not a company-version. Technically there will be no difference, but it will be limited to “personal” and “non-commercial” usage. Sure, some abuse will happen but would these companies have paid for a licence in the first place?

During the next period the AnRep3D website will be updated. Apart from ordering a company-licence, now it will also be possible to send an original 3D-graph – created with the help of the free demo-version (no registration needed!). A free AnRep3D-generator (coming with examples of input- and output-files and a manual) under a personal “contest” licence will be returned! This technically unlimited generator can be used freely, but cannot be applied in a commercial setting.

You will wonder: what’s in it for AnRep3D? Well, it’s all about the wisdom of the crowd! It is hard to come up with creative ideas for the application of the AnRep3D-generator again and again. Apart from this we will probably not be able to escape from our own tunnel-vision.

For those who cannot wait until everything is explained on the AnRep3D-website, we provide an overview of the steps needed to obtain such a free personal licence for the AnRep3D-generator as explained above:

  • Download the free demo-package.
  • Think of a creative application of this generator.
  • Expertiment with the examples, to get familiar with the demo-set.
  • Prepare a data-set reflecting your creative idea.
  • Generate a 3D-graph (.htm-file).
  • Send the .htm-file by email mentioning “AnRep3D-contest” in the subject-line. Don’t forget to write that you were authorised to use the data visualised in this 3D-graph by using this sentence: “I only used source-data either owned by me or for which I had the permission to use them”.
  • You remain the owner of the data and the graph, but by submitting you allow AnRep3D to show your graph in public.
  • We will send you a free personal licence of the ful AnRep3D-generator. Your email-address will be stored in our database for one year.

The contest will run until we decide to terminate is. For now no end-date is set. If an end-date is set, it will be communicated a couple of weeks in advance.

To provide you with some examples, three 3D-graphs were created with the help of the free demo-generator. The first one shows the traditional Annual Revenue/Profit, Equity and Total Assets for Volkswagen. Volkswagen finance in 3D

Then another one is on a quarterly level for Amazon. It shows Revenue/Cash Flow from Operations, Current Assets and Current Liabilities. Amazon finance in 3D

The third one is about energy and shows the energy consumption per capita in the United States of America in three categories: renewables (of which the green part is waste and biobased), nuclear and fossil (all expressed in GigaJoules).Energy USA in 3D

Hint: similar graphs can be found in previous posts. There you will be able to see the real 3D-graph (.htm-file) instead of a gif. Of course you can also start immediately, feeding your own data into the free demo-generator.

Follow us on Twitter if you want to know about new posts: @AnRep3D For more information about the AnRep3D-geneator, please have a look at our website. There the free demo-package can be downloaded. It is fully functional, yet limited to one line of data (meaning that only one building will appear, representing one company in a specific year or quarter). With the contest-licence, you will be able to generate a large graph with several companies and years, like the one shown in the screenshot below. Full license 3D graph

For an in-depth explanation, visit out Youtube-channel. There AnRep3D is explained in a couple of short videos.

Take your chance and good luck!

About AnRep3D

AnRep3D is the new company, founded after the handover of Scientassist (together with VRBI) to one of my sons. From now I will focus on three-dimensional graphs for the financial markets, showing the main figures from annual reports in comparison. As per 2021 a second product is available: EnRep3D. It is meant to visualise energy. Although the engine is the same, the texts, manual, website and examples (including blogposts) are focused at energy.
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