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I know, I know, this should have been the post in which Tesla would have been added to the graph. Instead of Tesla I put in an intermezzo. I understand it’s a terrible disappointment for all Tesla-fans, waiting for a 3D-graph on the financial status of their favourite company (tongue in cheek). As a consolation I can tell them the Annual Reports have been processed and I am ready to add Tesla the next time (and the fact Tesla Motors being a “dwarf” – just like Mitsubishi Motors – will remain a secret for another week).

Tesla chargers (Photo by JamesQube on Pixabay)

Why an intermezzo then? Well, the news about Carlos Ghosn being arrested was all over the media and Ghosn is the CEO of Renault and Chairman of Nissan and Mitsubishi. Allegedly he was also the driving force behind the Nissan Leaf. Of course all kinds of conspiracy theories came up and at the same time there is a large grey area in which successful people operate, as remaining strictly within the boundaries of the law won’t bring success in most cases (for a person, that is – not for a company). This means an investigation will always bring up something.

(Photo by Capri23auto on Pixabay) Renault 4

However, this blog is about 3D visualisation of financial data (and energy, for that matter) and not about politics or ethics. It means we won’t discuss the person, but it’s a good reason to extend the automotive series with Renault and Nissan, to see how they went during the period 2012 -2017. Mitsubishi was already in our graph, by the way.

Nissan Figaro (Photo by Capri23auto on Pixabay)

The question is, why did I select the original series of GM, Ford, PSA, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Tesla? Well, I just wanted to have American, European and Asian companies in the graph and then Tesla too, as it is completely different. That’s from a financial point of view of course, as the Ford I drive was manufactured in Germany, the only thing about it being American is all the legal disclaimers popping up at different moments (and – in my previous Ford – dialling 911 instead of 112 automatically when it thought I would have a collision). Now, with the extension another European company will be added (Renault) and another one from Asia. At the same time these companies are well-known in Western Europe, whilst e.g. Geely, SsangYong and JiangLing (known for the Landwind) are very rare. Toyota, Kia and Hyundai are not, so maybe we should think about those manufacturers as well or add them later after another intermezzo.

(Photo by John Volante on Unsplash) Honda

That’s it for now. The graph below remains unchanged, but next time it will be updated again.

Five automotive companies in 3D-graph

On double-clicking, the 3D-graph will appear in your web-browser. There are several options to move graph: clicking the right mouse-button, moving the mouse up and down will zoom the graph in and out. Clicking left and moving the mouse at the same time will tilt the graph in different directions (or move the observer’s viewpoint around a fixed graph – it’s relative of course). Double clicking in the graph translates it and moves the centre at the same time. As a result the way the graph tilts will change. Just try it. If you don’t know how to get the normal position back, just refresh the graph.

For more information, please have a look at our other posts, our website or our youtube-channel. Again, the free 3D-graph generator package (zip) can be downloaded, unpacked in a folder and the .jar file can be started immediately. Our email-address is

Toyota SUV

About AnRep3D

AnRep3D is the new company, founded after the handover of Scientassist (together with VRBI) to one of my sons. From now I will focus on three-dimensional graphs for the financial markets, showing the main figures from annual reports in comparison. As per 2021 a second product is available: EnRep3D. It is meant to visualise energy. Although the engine is the same, the texts, manual, website and examples (including blogposts) are focused at energy.
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